Midnight Movie


Directed by: Hanna Bergholm

Finland/Sweden, 2022, 86m

In Finnish with English subtitles

Tinja is a 12-year-old girl caught in a tween angst suburban nightmare: friendless, shuffled to and from her gymnastics training by her image-obsessed video-blogger mother, and fighting with her obnoxious little brother. After finding a dying bird in the woods, she brings home its strange egg and swaddles it in bed sheets wishing for it to hatch. Be careful what you wish for. The supernatural hatchling that Tinja names Alli grows more and more aggressive as the days progress, and Tinja is forced to confront the consequences of being a good parent to her own “offspring,” as Alli wreaks havoc on her life. Eschewing CGI and working with some truly nightmarish effects, director Hanna Bergholm’s debut feature is a dysfunctional family satire that quickly and mercilessly morphs into twisted teenage body horror, delivering a disturbing and grotesque look at maternal instincts gone horribly awry. With Hatching a new voice in horror is born.