International Showcase


Directed by: Georgis Grigorakis

Greece/France/Germany, 2020, 101m

In Greek with English subtitles

Southeast Premiere

Nikitas (Vangelis Mourikis in an unforgettable performance) is a lonely farmer who lives and works in the heart of the mountains in Northern Greece. For years, he has fought with the expanding industrial monster that’s been encroaching on the town, digging up the forest, and causing mudslides that threaten his property. Yet his greatest threat comes with the sudden arrival of his estranged son after a 20-year separation. Confronting each other head-on, they turn into enemies under one roof, with nature as their only observer. To prevent the muddy ground from being pulled out from under their feet for profit, father and son must dig deep to find their roots. What unfolds in this impressive debut feature is a complex and visually stunning father-son showdown that plays like a slow-burn contemporary Western. Winner of awards at the Berlin, Sarajevo, and Thessaloniki Film Festivals, and nominated for a whopping 14 Greek Oscars, Digger was Greece’s official entry to the 2022 Academy Awards®.